Ten reasons why the International Summit of Cooperatives should always be held in Quebec City

10. The original Summit was held in Quebec City in October of the International Year of Co-operatives.
09. Organizers of the original IYC 2012 Summit showed how it should be done and attracted twice the predicted attendance, results that were repeated in 2014.
08. The Summit sponsors are gold-plated. The International Co-operative Alliance is the apex of the global co-operative sector. Desjardins Financial co-op is the sixth largest bank in Canada. National, provincial and municipal governments are substantial contributors (the feds delivered $1 million as the first Summit opened).
07. Canada is a bilingual, multicultural nation that has grown from coast-to-coast from beginnings in and around Quebec City.
06. Quebec City is the embodiment of five centuries of North American history.
05. Quebec City is across the river from where the Canadian credit union sector was born more than a century ago.
04. Placing the Summit within the calendar of Canadian events will increase mindshare for the co-op sector in Canada.
03. The IYC 2012 Summit was described on opening day as “the Davos of the co-operative sector.” Davos regularly attracts the cream of the capitalist crop to a forum in Switzerland. Co-ops are creating their equivalent in Quebec City.
02. Iterations of the original Quebec City Summit will be recognized as a tangible continuation of the International Year of Co-operatives.
01. Second Summit in 2014 adds Quebec City tradition to IYC’s innovation in 2012.