Inspired by the Quebec City Summit of Cooperatives, Co-op Canada Accelerator has been established in the International Year of Cooperatives 2012 to help nudge the Canadian cooperative movement front and centre in the new economy. The editor is Tony Patterson, whose profile you can find by hovering your cursor over his photo on the cover page. The Ian MacPherson quote below the title is from his wonderful history of the cooperative movement in Canada, “A Century of Co-operation” and it says more, as the italicized passage below highlights: “Outsiders will not readily learn about a movement that does not broadly project into the public square what it is and why it is important — and even those who are involved in it will not have a deep understanding of the movement’s intellectual traditions.” People who do have such an understanding, or seek to acquire it, will be welcome to help transition the Accelerator to a cooperative model. Contact tony (at) scansite.ca.


  1. Hi tony enjoy your site muchly.

    One story you should pursue as it is relevant to our credit union here in Saskatchewan is the changing national role of our credit union association…rumor has it all of the centrals have pulled their financial support from the national coop association for next year and wish to consolidate behind the one national credit union group. A lot of money and members at stake in this for both organizations.



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