Leroux supports Quebec City for Second Summit

Following on Accelerator‘s post in October of Ten Reasons Why The Second International Summit Of Cooperatives Should Be Held In Quebec City, Monique Leroux, CEO of Desjardins, made her own pitch in an interview with La Presse Dec. 7, 2012, in which she sees Quebec City as the preferred permanent location for the International Summit, which would be held every two years beginning in 2014. [What follows is an unofficial translation from French of the La Presse article.]
Monique Leroux162X183Ms. Leroux is looking to turn Quebec City into the Davos of the cooperative movement. “I was shocked at the 2010 Davos Forum. We were in the middle of a crisis recovery and most of the workshops focused on public cynicism towards the corporate world, the failure of financial institutions and the leadership crisis. Not a word about cooperatives and their contribution to economic activity.”
To give cooperatives all the visibility they deserve and to keep the momentum generated by the extremely successful first International Summit of Cooperatives (over 2,800 participants from 91 countries discussed the amazing power of cooperatives), it goes without saying that Quebec City has permanently established itself as a great meeting place for economic forums.
Furthermore, it should be noted that the North American cooperative movement was founded near Quebec City. “It is often forgotten, but Lévis is not only the cradle of the cooperative movement in Québec. It is also the cradle for all of North America. As soon as Alphonse Desjardins founded the first caisse populaire in 1900, budding cooperatives throughout the United States began to seek his advice. He travelled to Boston, New York and Washington. U.S. President William Taft even wrote to him and invited him to the White House. A meeting that Alphonse could not attend,” says Ms. Leroux.
Let’s hope that Ms. Leroux’s vision will be realized. We should have an answer by early 2013, which is right around the corner. [End of translation of La Presse article.]

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